About Us


North Country Crafts and Gardens is a small family run business in Fife Lake, Michigan. With a view of the small lake that gives our town its' name, the business has been run from home since 1992. What started in a corner of my garage with a few simple tools has expanded greatly into a multifaceted business, yet we still craft each piece we sell by hand.

During the summer months, we travel several times a week to local farmer's markets with crafts and sometimes produce from the small greenhouse and garden plot. I also bake for the markets and have several local market famous treats that people ask for every week! Unfortunately, baked goods can only be sold by special order if you are able to pick them up and pay in person- I can't ship them. Once market season ends, craft show season starts and we do several big craft shows before Christmas. After Christmas we rest and restock for the next year... (Did I forget to mention that Santa Claus lives here as well? My husband does volunteer Santa jobs from early November all through December- and a few paid gigs as well, lol)

As you will see as you browse the pages of our site, we truly do touch on many facets of the craft world. My husband does his woodburnings- making plaques, small games, decorations and a variety of clocks. Me... well, I have never been one to settle on any one thing. I crochet- doilies have always been my first love. I paint- anything that can be decorative painted I will paint. I do vinyl with my Cricut. I do some stained glass. I bake. And I make jewelry... and play with beads and stones... and rocks. 

Feel free to browse and drop us a line or call if you have any questions!

Contacting us is easy- you can reach us the following ways:

Landline phone  231-879-3702

Cell Phone        609-781-5529

e mail                 northcountry57@yahoo.com